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Masjid Summary


Our Masjid is nestled in a beautiful serene environment with lush green mountains and a stream nearby. This beautiful surrounding is also the final resting place for Shahzada Abdul Tayyeb Bhaisaheb Zakiuddin(DM) and, indeed, an important reason for the Mumineen of Fremont to have been blessed with a Masjid.

Huzurala(TUS) appointed Shahzada Qaid Johar Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin(DM) and Shahzada Ammar Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin(DM) to oversee the Masjid project and they guided this project from inception.

We, the mumineen of Fremont, are forever indebted and offer sajadat us-shukr in hazrat Imamiyah, Nuraniyah, Qudsaniyah for this nemat azeema.

Brief Timeline:

Date Event
Aug. 1996 Huzurala(TUS) performs Ta'asis
Mar. 2000 Raza obtained for plans
May 2003 Masjid Construction begins
Aug. 2005 Maula (TUS) performs iftetah of Masjid

Masalla Count:
Masjid Rijal: 114
Sehan Rijal: 38
Jamaat Khana Rijal: 30

Masjid Nisa: 72
Jamaat Khana Nisa: 30

Square Footage:
Masjid Rijal: 45' x 28'
Sehan Rijal: 45' x 11'
Jamaat Khana Rijal: 25' x 28'

Masjid Nisa: 577 sqft.
Jamaat Khana Nisa: 25' x 28'

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