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Hawaij 9200

Baade Afzalus Salaam,

By now, we must all have heard our beloved Aqa Moula TUS's Noorani Kalemat where he has expressed his wish that 9200 families may be helped ( fostered/adopted rather ) by better off families/people. Moula's wishes are our command and saying 'Labayk' to his wishes, the Shabaab-ul-Eid-e-Zahabi of San Francisco has formed an active Hawaij Committee.

The aim is to try and foster/adopt the family for which we have thought of the following areas:

To try to set up or assist small businesses which will help the family
To take care of educational needs (deeni and dunyawi) of the family's children
To assist in any chronic medical needs
Other basic necessities of daily life
Ziarats and Hajj ni umeed

We seek to hear of mumineen we can assist and we urge contributions for this very humbling khidmat. Checks ( minimum $50/-) to any of the team members in the name of "Anjuman-E-Najmi" with "Hawaij 9200" as the reference.

Remembering (and giving it a deep thought) what our Aqa Moula TUS tells us repeatedly that 'if we help a mumin, it is his ehsaan to accept that help from us ' ......... makes us realize the superlative sawaab and virtues of helping a mumin.

May Allah by Vasila e Panjatan, and Aimmat Tahereen and Duat Mutlaqeen grant our Aqa Moula a long life with sehat and aafiyat ta roz e qayamat. Ameen.

Abide Syedna (TUS),

Hawaij 9200 team
Coordinator: M. Taher bhai Shaakir

Case 1: Murtaza Membersaheb

Background: Age 14 from Mandsaur UP
Procedure: Operation to correct harelip

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